Mental BLOCK Removing CLICK HERE ( More Info)

Almost every human suffers from some type of mental/spiritual block. Some are worse than others and if not eliminated, will cause you to never grow to your fullest. If you believe you have a block and would like it permanently removed I will do it for you. PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! It has the potential to be dangerous for me.

Upon Purchase, 

Send me a message on instagram letting me know what your blocks are. Every Wednesday (Odins Day) I will do a berserker meditation. I will write down all of your blocks and take them on. This is where things can get tricky for me. On Thursday (Thors Day) I Will Leave a glass bottle of water out over night to take up the dark energy of the night. In the morning I will drink the full bottle expelling all of those mental blocks. I have done this in the past and It works every time, but sometimes it can have residual effects on my body. You should feel Transformed and mentally better on Friday.

$111.00 USD